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  • Jul
    Blog: Carolyn's blog. By Carolyn at 11:52 AM.
    Road trip California! Up the Pacific Coast, down the central state: My dream vacation will become a reality next spring, thanks to Airbnb. I’ve saved $140 a month from my Airbnb earnings since March. By next March, I’ll have $1680, which will cover my California sojourn – as long as I stay at other Airbnbs. Traveling my own state will make me a better host. Before I started hosting, I...
  • Jul
    Blog: Carolyn's blog. By Carolyn at 11:41 AM.
    I have my house back. My first in-home guest left on Sunday, and today is Tuesday. Today, all the little quirks I’ve been hiding are exposed, and I’m happy. I can walk around half dressed, and I can put back in the guest room all the junk that I had crammed into my bedroom. My cats once again have the run of the place. I can sleep with my bedroom door open and wake up when I please…until my...
  • Ashley
    Blog: Ashley's blog. By Ashley at 7:03 AM.
    One of the most challenging and subsequently wonderful things an Airbnb host experiences is the review process. Honest reviews are what the whole Airbnb process relies on. As a host you read past host reviews of guests to make sure they are a good fit for your space, while guests read reviews of hosts and their spaces to determine if the listing is all it cracks up to be. But humans are...
  • Jul
    Blog: Carolyn's blog. By Carolyn at 11:23 AM.
    The sky is falling, and I don’t think my current guests will rally and help me hold it up. I have an uncooperative couple in my studio and a too-chatty young woman in my front room. I can’t keep my house together. I feel trapped. It’s Airbnb Hell Week. What changed? Just last week I felt plucky and positive. In my last blog entry, I seemed so upbeat. All that talk of the personal side of...
  • Ashley
    Blog: Ashley's blog. By Ashley at 1:09 AM.
    I remember when I first became an Airbnb host, it was so exciting when I received my very first inquiry! It was a couple days after the professional photos were posted on the site by Airbnb and I think I peed my pants just a little. I had no idea on pricing, or really how the whole process worked. My first inquiry sent a little message, as many people do,...
  • Carolyn
    Blog: Carolyn's blog. By Carolyn at 11:55 AM.
    “I’ve learned so many things from guests. I’m loving it.” “Airbnb, you made the month of June a precious one….” --Host comments from Airbnb groups Airbnb hosts love to talk about how much they’ve learned from guests and what magical experiences they’ve had. I never understood this. Of course, like all of us, I’ve had wonderful interactions with guests. I’ve enjoyed finding out about other...
  • Ashley
    Blog: Ashley's blog. By Ashley at 2:47 AM.
    Like many of my fellow Airbnb hosts, I feel like I fell into the position-- much like Alice through the rabbit hole... but less trippy and dangerous. Personally, I always find it so interesting how hosts first learned out the Airbnb phenomena and what drove them to allow strangers into their home. The stories you will hear, range far and wide. My story still surprises me, but I'm living it...
  • Carolyn
    Blog: Carolyn's blog. By Carolyn at 10:50 PM.
    (Dear Reader: In this entry I take to task a certain photographer, who just seemed rude and not helpful. I know that most Airbnb photographers are great people who do wonderful work. Maybe this one had dealt with too many difficult hosts. And, maybe I'm too sensitive. This story only reflects one experience with one person. Pamela is a pseudonym.) I had a bad feeling about Pamela, even before...
  • Ashley
    Blog: Ashley's blog. By Ashley at 2:51 AM.
    How do guests effect your behavior? More-so, who decorates their house with guests in mind? This may seem like a weirdly timed post, but the 4th of July is soon approaching and I have streamers on the brain! Being someone who loves any reason to celebrate and put out festive decorations; combined with picnics with friends, bbq smells, cold drinks and crocque... I'm a sucker for Independence...
  • Carolyn
    Blog: Carolyn's blog. By Carolyn at 11:49 PM.
    Wow! I finally got a reservation request for my new listing! My second bedroom, with its beat-up old furniture and its closet the size of a coffin, generated a booking at last. When I saw the email informing me I had a request, I read the guest’s name: Dalya. Perfect! She must be from Russia! I was elated. I wasn’t happy only because I love Russian culture and it’s fascinating to meet guests...
  • Estuarto
    Blog: Estuarto's blog. By Estuarto at 1:42 PM.
    I have always had an interest in Hawaii. In my travels I have visited Kuai, Oahu, and The Big Island. The Big Island is by far my favorite, and in particular the west side - Kona. Recently a member joined our forums from Kona to share her experience hosting. I was struck by some of the things she said about the excise tax and TAT taxes that hosts are responsible for collecting from guests....
  • Ashley
    Blog: Ashley's blog. By Ashley at 5:49 AM.
    There is a short list of amenities that are incredibly cheap, but offer huge value to your guests! I'm always looking for great ways to get a bigger bang for my buck-- when someone is traveling there are a few things that make all the difference to them. A few things on that list is offering: towels and linens toiletries continental breakfast alam clock map of your city bottled water...
  • Pegatha
    Blog: Pegatha's blog. By Pegatha at 8:23 PM.
    I have always wanted to own a bed & breakfast inn. From the time I was a little thing, I thought about how it be to have a lovely place for people to come by and rest, chat and then move on to their next destination. I used to think about the kinds of people who would show up and the types of meals I would serve them to solicit words of praise over my unique style of cooking. As time passed,...
  • Carolyn
    Blog: Carolyn's blog. By Carolyn at 4:47 PM.
    My new Airbnb listing is a flop. I’ve had my studio on Airbnb for two years, and it’s been a successful run. I’m booked at least 20 days a month, I have 5 star ratings in all areas, and I’ve got wonderful reviews. Recently, I had to reduce my work schedule for health reasons, but making up the lost income seemed easy. I could list my second bedroom on Airbnb! Now, mine is not a grand house....
  • Jasper Ribbers
    Blog: Jasper Ribbers's blog. By Jasper Ribbers at 11:29 AM.
    One of the most important factors that determines success on Airbnb is a listing’s position in the search results, particularly in places with many available listings. Listings that aren’t on the first page of the results get very little views. 
So how does Airbnb calculate the search results? To understand this, one has to view things from Airbnb’s perspective. As any company, Airbnb wants...