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Worst Guest

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Estuarto, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    My worst guests, weren't even that bad. Actually until after they left I thought they were just another guest to stay at my place. Everyone has been happy with their stay. But these people apparently not so much. When they were here they were short with interaction but seemed smiley. After they left I actually reached out to them because I had said I would compensate them $20 cash because I had a friend staying with me at the time and that wasn't part of my listing. They had agreed prior to arrival, but when they were here I had forgotten the $20. So I sent them a message. The response was alarming. "$20 wouldn't even come close to making up for your deceptive listing and filthy hot house." Yeaks I thought they seemed fine when they were here. I asked what was wrong and they had a very long list of complaints, most of which I seemed to determine they thought they had overpayed for what they got. Funny I thought because someone stayed the day before them for the same price and was happy and someone stayed the day after and was happy. Then of course they requested a refund. I thought to myself - no way! You stayed here at my house and never complained about anything. Now you have a list of complaints ranging from "he was on the phone when we arrived" to "the curtain fell and could have hurt me." Someone else would have been happy to stay for those days and pay that money, I wasn't going to give it away after the fact. So they put in a dispute with AirBnB. I pleaded my case sending videos of the room and arguing that everyone else was happy with their experience. 2 weeks later AirBnB let me know that they refunded her, but that I would still be paid. I guess they are desparate to not have any tarnish on their service. So if you are new to AirBnB you can most likely get a free stay by filing an extensive exaggerated complain after the fact. She left me a scathing review but luckily I had so many other bookings already lined up that it was quickly buried in the list. It also looks ridiculous amongst so many other complimenting happy reviews. Later I thought to look up who this person was, as she has a very unique name. Low and behold the first result on google when searching her is her on Amazon.com complaining about everything she has ever bought. Aha, so it's not just me. I wish her to find a happier place in her life.

    What's your worst experience with guests?
  2. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    My worst experiences have been messy folks. I'm a tidy person, and things like hair in the sink, dirty dishes, food leftover mess in refrigerator/dining table/room all bother me more then they should. My mantra these days is "could be worse", and that definitely applies to my worst guest experience. I'm sure some hosts have some horror stories.
  3. Rhonda

    Rhonda Member

    I experienced something similar where the guest got a refund but I was still paid.

    I had a guest get really drunk and vomit in the bed and carpet. They gave me $100 bill with a note that said sorry really big.
  4. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

  5. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Nowhere near my worst story, but castlewoman's preference for cleanliness strikes a chord with me, and I thought to share about this weekends guests. They were in a room that shared a bathroom with another room. After their arrival I went to clean down the shower when they were done and found these enormous wet boogers stuck to the wall that just wouldn't wash down, requiring removal with tissue. It was so gross I feel my stomach turn even now. Unfortunately I spent the rest of the weekend trying to listen out for the shower and get to it before the other guests were up which was very difficult, to prevent them seeing this unholy sight. Every time the same mess greeted me. Two great chunks. Sorry for being graphic, but I didn't even believe people would think of doing such a thing, in a known shared bathroom and all.

    Our worst experience was with people that did something far worse, and then tried to blackmail us by threatening a bad review if we didn't refund. Inevitably they didn't get away with it of course, because it is against the rule to blackmail hosts or guests with reviews, however I was disgusted with airbnb afterwards, because they didn't allow me to leave a review of the horrifying guests either, and allowed them to keep booking! Oh boy, did the next hosts have it coming with absolutely no warning that the thoroughly deserved about these people, who were about the lowest of the low. I almost quit airbnb at that point because it was obvious they just didn't want it out there that such vile stuff goes on (I was explicit in my review about their behavior). But we continued at a reduced rate just for a bit of extra cash. But the joy has gone and any illusions I might have had left about the goodness of humanity disappeared that night. Sure some people are nice. But most are after a deal and making sure they get the most out of it and you know you are always on 'trial' for review. Still a 96% 5 star average and superhost though.
  6. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Maybe we should have a thread for unwanted guests. I think it should include what events transpired to make them undesirable though as some people's tolerances are different than others. We could call our thread "AirBnB's most unwanted guests." :)
    Last edited: May 28, 2015
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  7. hanna M

    hanna M New Member

    I love the thread idea. pleasestart it, as I am new in forums and do not how to it.

    but I want to say loud and clear- this Mark in the photo is one innocent guest who asked about my listing. I have nothing against him. it was just a sample.
  8. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Oh no I thought Mark was our first guest to go to bedmaybebreakfast.com's island of undesireables. I don't have any guests I would want to publically condemn so I'm not the one to start the thread. Starting a thread is easy though @hanna M - just go to any of the forums from the front page - guests, hosts, stories, etc. And then in the top right there should be a button that says Post New Thread.
  9. hanna M

    hanna M New Member

    :) so let's hope we will never need to open this thread....
  10. hanna M

    hanna M New Member

    Castle woman, on second thought I deleted my post, as I think I did wrong to a lovely guy. do you mind to delete it from your answer to me?
    I will feel much better.
  11. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    I agree with the thread about naming worst guests, especially in cases, and it DOES happen (I have heard of it in more than just my case) where airbnb removes bad reviews, sometimes citing - oh we had to remove both so it was fair - even if it was totally obvious and even provable that the guests were lying and had even left a thread of evidence of blackmail in the case of mine. The real reason was when upper management got involved to do damage control. They didn't want it out there publicly that such things happen on airbnb.

    I removed a bit of a rant from another area where I went off track about bad guests so I'll repost it below. It will seem like I am terrible at communicating in advance. Truth is, most of our guests are young professionals from NYC for getaway weekends. I always take only verified and 90% reviewed. Sometimes I let people charm me with their resume's and talk of quiet weekend walks, and dinners out etc. typical age group is 30- something's.

    Airbnb guests have gotten more demanding and less respectful over this past year. They don't seem to recognize they are in a home, and just treat our house like a hotel, in every possible way you would if a nameless maid were to be cleaning up after you (even though my husband and I leave hotel rooms tidy, because we don't fancy anyone being faced with a filthy mess). We have people using our rooms to get drunk in, have loud sex in and ejaculate on things not meant for the purpose, arriving late jacked up on drugs and walking in unannounced and proceeding to make an unholy racket with a house full of other guests, letting their very well behaved house trained pets urinate on the beds, treating us like annoying bellboys expecting tips when we are simply trying to give them the basics because they just want in the room and don't want to have to talk to us beyond being let in, massive house damage, precious heirlooms and antiques stolen, antiques broken - all of which hidden and found after the fact. The list goes on.

    And the one time I did try to leave a bad review, for our worst guests who tried to blackmail us into refunding their stay with a bad review, airbnb removed my honest review, because they didn't want it out there that guests do this kind of thing to hosts. That was my loss of trust in airbnb. Those people (they were the ones jacked up on drugs that walked in unannounced and found their way to the room keeping our other guests up half the night partying loudly until my husband went down) also managed to fill our toilet with enormous piles of poo, give it a cursory stir with the plunger, and then text me with a 'toilet is blocked' message. We arrived to a stench which had then encompassed the entire house. We arrived to the plunger covered in poo, put down on the wooden floor, which was now covered in poo, also. The clean up, which I left to my husband, he still claims has left him traumatized. The toilet hadn't even been blocked. They simply hadn't listened to instructions, or read the ones right above the toilet that explained it wasn't a 'quick flush', and that you needed to hold it down for a full flush. Just imagine being elbow deep in someone else's feces, which stunk more than anything you'd ever smelled, and was in amounts you didn't think was humanly possible, and was over a good portion of the bathroom by then? It's not over because the next morning you are being abused about your crappy place (everyone else despite the drama gave five star glowing reviews that weekend), followed by blackmailing messages, and topped off by the inability to even warn the prospective hosts? Our honeymoon with airbnb was over. These people claimed to be professional model and photographer. He had a good website, photos of himself at fancy events in NYC, had his work in good galleries. Ugh. As you can see, it still stings.

    I have ideas about why the 'vibe' has changed with guests this past year. Last year and before it was still more rootsy, but now the incessant advertising is bringing out people that want their getaways, but can't afford or don't want to pay hotel rates, but they still want that experience. They're not really interested in any interaction, and don't give two hoots that it's your home versus a hotel room as its all the same to them, just cheaper. Our rooms are the most expensive in the area to counteract too much of this mentality, but we still get it. 'Real' hotels and bnb's in our area can be very pricy, so, it's still a deal hunters game. So people are really there for that, not because they really love the idea of it - even though many do.
  12. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Horrible sounding experience. How long ago was it that this happened? The part about AirBnB removing your review really bothers me. Did they notify you that they removed it or did you just notice it had been removed?
  13. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    This happened a number of months ago. I was first encouraged by the first line customer service rep you get when calling up to leave a review about the experience because she considered it very important that other guests hear what we had gone through. Of course I did so, and it was after the guests had made good on their threat, even though I had been assured they would be unable to leave a review due to their blackmail threats. Soon their review full of lies was removed, but airbnb also removed our truthful review, which they knew to be so through the communications that had occurred all through the airbnb messaging system. The guests didn't even try to use my cell instead - actually after not getting a response on the message system they threatened with texts too, but it was clear that they didn't actually have any issues, but just wanted to cheat us. I was horrified that our review was removed. After what we had been through, mainly the stress of having what felt like criminals in our home the only thing I felt could provide some relief was making sure it wouldn't happen to anyone else, and putting it in black and white so they knew how their behavior impacted us. But airbnb continued to make different excuses. Well, it we remove theirs we have to remove yours. But we didn't do anything wrong!, we said! Well, it's breaks rules to mention a case that's being looked into. But, you already closed the case and removed the review because you agreed they broke the rules? How is it an open case? It didn't matter. Airbnb just didn't want it out there that this sort of thing goes on.

    As I mentioned, the guests didn't ring the doorbell or text to let me know they had arrived. They just walked into our home, where we had other rooms booked and in bed, one with some younger girls away with their mom, and proceeded to party with music, and for some reason with the door open. When I went down, the woman now in her lingerie and spread eagled on the settee, laughed as she told me how she had berated some poor guy at one of our beautiful parkland areas taken care of by an expensive resort because he wouldn't let them in for cheaper than the posted price. She thought it was hilarious to relay to me her abuse of him (of course he had no control of the fee's) something like: 'please dahlink, I don't even want to go to your stupid park. You should be letting us in for free you bumpkin idiot'. She was an aging 'model' from eastern Europe. The guy a self proclaimed photographer - but funnily all the photos were of her trying to get her modeling career going, started to tell me how I should have better pictures and how he would do this and that and how he is this amaaazzzing photographer that developed this technique called the thirds (actually that was Leonardo daVinci but whatev's), and kept me there as he went on and on for over half an hour about himself before I could get a word in edgewise that I wanted to get back to bed. If was after that that the toilet incident occurred, and then they got louder and louder, until eventually my husband went down to ask them to keep it down for the sake of the other guests. At this point, perhaps embarrassed about the toilet situation, they were taking at the tops of their voices about what a dive our place was. Airbnb could see, that despite their claims, we had four other rooms that very weekend give the most glowing reviews we'd ever had, all five star, about this being the most beautiful place Any had ever stayed. So, they knew that whatever they were claiming about our home being a dive wasn't true - plus we had been superhosts already for some time.

    I couldn't believe they were left to continue bringing their havoc to other people, completely unawares.
    Last edited: May 28, 2015

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