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Will the real AirBnB please standup?

Discussion in 'News' started by Rosatti, May 11, 2015.

  1. Rosatti

    Rosatti Member


    This article relates to so many articles and discussions around this forum. It points out that in trying to work with AirBnB on regulations in Portland that the company doesn't acknowledge listing permit numbers and limiting host absent rentals to 90 days a year. Then the city sees only two options - fining hosts and or having AirBnB provide host information.

    "The fundamental difference between Airbnb’s good host-resident private-room rentals and Airbnb’s bad host-absent entire-place rentals is the fundamental dichotomy with Airbnb. This is why I always ask: Will the real Airbnb please stand up?"
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  2. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Money... Their platform works for host absent rentals - essentially vacation rentals. Now so much of their income is from those they aren't going to give it up. I wish they would. I think I read they are seeking valuation for a round of funding - I will try to find the article.
  3. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Good article. Not all host-absent rentals are bad hosts. But there is a dichotomy here, and they should probably differentiate between the two. The web-site is really pushing the boundaries of local laws by allowing places that are solely vacation rentals to list on their site. Of course this is big money for them. I think most members if not all of this forum are host-resident hosts. And good ones. So there probably isn't much argument over limiting host-absent rentals to 90 days per year. That's plenty of vacation time for me!
  4. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member


    Sounds like they are chasing a valuation and are going to expand their services to include the more vacation rental specific sector. I don't like this move to compete with already existing networks like homeaway, vrbo, etc. It's one thing to let their platform accommodate these type of listings but to adapt/expand their service further to this market seems even more divergent from their existing community. Money money money. I think this might be money poorly spent.
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  5. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    "People familiar with Airbnb’s vacation-rental plans said the company isn’t shifting its focus away from its core but wants to grow into a broader lodging operation, including getting a foothold in destinations where hosts are harder to find.

    “A niche isn’t what Airbnb is looking for,” one of the people said. “A niche company can’t go out and raise billions of dollars.”
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  6. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Trying to get that valuation up around 30 billion. I suppose they know what they are doing. Personally I just wish they would focus on their business that is a niche. So many people still don't know about AirBnB! In that regard I suppose any expansion will get the bran name out there.

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