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Should I leave a bad review?

Discussion in 'Guests' started by Deb Barnes, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Deb Barnes

    Deb Barnes New Member

    I recently traveled to Chicago with my boyfriend for a weekend getaway. We rented an apartment on the west side. The price was reasonable and the location excellent for hopping on the L and geting around. We had trouble finding the place and unfortunately the host was not available via phone, so it took about 3 hours to get in. My main problem with the place was that there was a lot of black hairs in the sheets. This made me think they were not clean. When I contacted him about the sheets he insured me that he had washed them. He also offered that we could go to the store and buy new sheets and he would reimburse us. I thought that kind of conflicted with his insisting they had been washed. I also found some marijuana in two of the drawers, when I was looking for the remote control. It really was just the sheets that bothered me. It's possible the guy did wash them and the hairs didn't come off in the washing machine, but I would think he would see them when he was making the bed.

    Should I leave a bad review, or mention that hairs in the sheets in my review?
  2. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    The thing about AirBnB is that you will encounter a lot of different properties and hosts. The site was started on an air mattress in a kitchen if I'm not mistaken. It sounds like you got a good price, sometimes you get what you pay for... Most likely the host did wash the sheets but sometimes hairs are hard to get out all together. Should the host look at the sheets to ensure cleanliness when making the bed - of course. But also the host did offer to replace the sheets.

    It's my opinion that you should describe the experience you had. You don't need to go into details regarding "hairs", you could simply say the house wasn't up to the cleaning standards you expected.

    The weed is a whole separate conversation. I wouldn't mention that in the review, but some people would I'm sure.
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  3. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Good advice Matt S.

    Perception is a wild beast. It does sound like he washed the bedding but that he isn't a professional about it.
    Depending on your views of marijuana you might respond differently. It's unclear how intrusive your "looking for the remote" really was. If it was in the coffee table drawer that you found the marijuana, then you might let him know personally that such things are inappropriate for a rental environment. I imagine this guy is younger and subletting his "entire home" while he is out gallivanting and being young. He probably doesn't take the time to look to see his place is appropriately prepared for guests. And that shows with your experience. I agree with Matt, don't leave specifics about hairs in bedding. But you could ding him a few stars and not leave the most glowing review, as it sounds like you were a bit disappointed in the stay.
  4. Abby J

    Abby J Member

    I don't censor reviews. Tell it like it is!

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