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Rules of AirBnB Sex

Discussion in 'News' started by Shirey, May 25, 2015.

  1. Shirey

    Shirey Member

  2. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    This is a little timely piece for me. I just had a young couple stay for 3 nights and while yes sex between couples staying in a room is to be expected, but it doesn't mean I want to hear it. Lucky I don't rent two rooms or I could see how this could be an issue with having other guests in the house as well. My room is on the other side of the bathroom from the room I rent so I don't hear any noise from the other bedroom when I am trying to get some shut eye. However on two occasions, yes not one, I heard quite a bit of obvious noises coming from the room, and it was in the morning. I think I am going to take note of what this piece mentioned and I will raise my rate for an extra person. I have been charging $80 a night for the room generally and am thinking an extra $20 for the second person. What do you all think?
  3. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    It's just part of the business I'd say.
  4. Rosatti

    Rosatti Member

    Thought this was going to be an article about sex between hosts and guests. I haven't heard any sex at my place but I have seen some condoms in the trash. I had roommates for years so like @Matt S I figure it comes as part of the territory.
  5. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Raise the rate even higher if you really want to discourage couples. I'm not surprised it was a young couple. It's a generalization, but I'd say young people are maybe less likely to be conscientious of making some noise. The article talks about guests bringing people home from a "kinky night out". That would definitely not be ok at my place. No unregistered guests are allowed to stay.

    Have you had relations with your guests Rosatti?
  6. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    I think it's unreasonable to not expect that many couples are going to have sex, unless of course you stipulate that in your house rules - and good luck with attracting guests once they see how unrealistic you are. That's seems old fashioned and even controlling to me. Having sex isn't the problem, because we all know it's normal and healthy and just something regular people do. I can't understand someone thinking otherwise unless they can explain what the difficulty with it is.

    The real problems are making a noise, and/or making a mess. Both of which can happen independently of anyone having intercourse. Those kinds of expectations no guests would balk about seeing on the house rules.

    I'm quite sure many of my guests, the bulk of which are couples have sex when enjoying a romantic and relaxing getaway (just as I do, although I don't stay in airbnb's), in my home, especially as the beds are very comfy, and the rooms romantic and private feeling. I have however had one couple that seemed much younger than they made out in their communications (early 20's, whom I wouldn't ordinarily accept) overstep the bounds of decency. This did upset me. It wasn't the deep grunts and high pitched squeals we heard from a whole floor away a number of times, including while we were trying to get to sleep each night - because we giggled at the young things, thought it was funny and discussed how happy we hadn't booked other guests that weekend. It was the fact that they had used every piece from my display of 17th and early 18th century extremely delicate antique hand embroidered linen fragments to wipe the tremendous amounts of ejaculate on, instead of the vast towels in the room and ensuite bathroom just steps away. I truly fretted and burned over such a faux pas, and unimaginable lack of insight.

    Selfishness, and guests that don't care to think beyond themselves are in fact a dime a dozen. Whether they decide to make love to each other however is not an accurate way to tell which of these guests will cause noise or mess or other issues. I have had other guests that made noise far more concerning, and messes that weren't just because they simply lacked the ability to tell the difference between a delicate display and something utilitarian.

    Other than the experience above, I really can't tell if people had sex in my rooms. Quite frankly, if they are, I take it they feel comfortable and relaxed. And that's a good thing. Most mature couples don't want to be heard 'in action' or leave traces of their private activities.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2015
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  7. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    I added $20 for the second person, but it hasn't been long enough to tell if I am getting less couples. I have had one single person book and one person coming with "a friend". I have found that more than half the time "a friend" is a romantic relationship without a traditional title.
  8. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Shirey, I tend to think that the higher the price you charge the less the chance of attracting the 'riff raff' . Although not always the case, sometimes a higher paying guest bracket will have more chances of having been taught etiquette. This is not a science though, and $20 might not be enough of a difference.
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  9. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    This is probably statistically true but certainly not a guarantee. All we can do as hosts is aim for the best and expect the worst right?
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  10. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Right Estuarto!
  11. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    I haven't heard any sex at my place but am certain it goes on. I've seen a few condom wrappers in the trash. I think most guests even make an effort to bury such evidence. I have a special technique for removing the bedding and getting it into the washing machine.
  12. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Lol Matt. Do share the technique! I use all antique French linen sheets, so am careful to check for stains so I can 'spot treat' (oh dear, this brings new meaning to the word and experience haha), so I doubt it would work for me. I also line dry (including in my basement lines in the winter) AND iron the tops of the turn down to bring out the hand embroidery or ladder work. Yep, it's a lot, but it wins a lot of fans.
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  13. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    If really weary I will pull the comforter off by the tag. Actually I can see if anything is funny with the comforter. I just generally try to only touch the very edges. And for the sheets I will grab the fitted sheet from underneath trying to only touch the inside of the sheet. I can roll up the other sheet with the fitted one and then dump it into the washing machine. I haven't seen any episodes where I needed to get out the gloves!!
  14. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    I bumped it up to $25 for the second person and lowered my price $5 a night on my calendar. I am thinking more and more that I would rather only have 1 guest. I find that one guest is likely to interact more with me and it's half the wear and tear on my place.
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  15. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Shirey you can specify for solo travelers only, also. We have a room for just these guests, although we don't get requests so often - many times it is two people wanting the 'cheap' room. I agree the solo travelers can be good, but my experience is that they are often more demanding. Many times they aren't as self sufficient as couples, and often don't have transport, so make you aware of their struggles with getting around (despite you being as clear as glass about this before their arrival - that's just my experience with them). It also depends if you enjoy spending time with guests, or prefer privacy, as solo guests often want the company. I much prefer them to be out doing their own thing and leaving me to do mine. If I want to socialize, I do it with my real friends, not ones that are going to grade me on my performance afterwards!

    But everyone is different. I'm quite a private person, and find the weight of having to spend time with guests a burden, when I have a husband I would rather be cuddling up with in front of a Netflix movie at the end of the day. But we have friends that seem to enjoy it - well they used to, anyway. People are so different with what works for them! The sex doesn't bother me at all, so long as I don't have to see/hear anything revolting.

    You are correct that half the hot water will be used, and food/coffee, but utilities to heat the home/room will be the same.
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  16. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    Despite having multiple rooms you will have couples try to stay in a listing you have set for 1 maximum occupancy? I still am open to having 2 stay in my guest room. No hubby here, and I do enjoy having guests in my home. I host AirBnB for the home share experience more then for the booking dollars. Guests and I don't always connect, or even try to for that matter, yet I still enjoy the experience for the most part. The majority of my real friends are ensconced with their families these days. I've worked at a small company here for over 10 years and so it's nice to have some fresh socialization. I am also not a very extroverted person but in this situation I feel comfortable communicating with strangers, I suppose because I am at home.
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  17. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    That's awesome Shirey. It's amazing how different we can be isn't it? Did I hear you mention you were in NZ somewhere?

    Yes, we quite often get that. They are people after the cheapest deal in the area. It's not fair on other guests, because they still get to enjoy all the other areas - in fact given the smaller room they tend to want to use them more, and it has to share a bathroom, so they take up facilities that others paid much more for. So we don't do it now. Just a polite decline that it is for one person always gets the 'oh we don't mind the room looks great for us', so I have to again reply politely 'no, we don't accept two guests In that room for reasons of capacity'. I don't ever suggest our other rooms, because they will try to bargain the price down. Usually suggesting that they look for places for two within their budget is the best bet.
  18. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    I am in San Diego, California. Always wanted to visit New Zealand.

    I am learning more every day how to read guests e-mails and have an expectation for how they might be staying in my house. With summer about to really kick-off here in SD, demand is increasing, and I am becoming more particular about who I let stay.

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