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Our latest guests

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Sandy, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    Review for Jennifer

    I’ve been doing this a long time (five years) and have hosted hundreds of guests, 99.99% good. But Jennifer was easily the WORST guest experience I’ve ever had. Upon inquiry, she described her party as “quiet professionals,” but that would prove false. My problems with Jennifer began before she even arrived. Originally booking 14 nights during my high season, Jennifer wrote about a month before arrival asking to shorten her trip to Hawaii due to “business reasons.” So I changed her reservation from 14 nights to 4 nights because I DO understand plans change. However, I caught her in a lie when she let it slip later that she had actually been here after all, at the “Waikoloa Marriott” for those 10 nights. I lost $1000 in rental income because I was never able to re-book that time block. Lying is definitely not a good start. When they arrived, it was clear they had not read a word of the guest instructions. They were surly and unpleasant. They seemed irritated because I’d told them it wasn’t possible to check in hours early as they had asked. They complained the room didn’t have adequate light (although there are 6 lights), demanding that I install stronger light bulbs, ordering me around like a scullery maid: “That needs to be fixed right away.” Jennifer’s friend was especially rude and insulting, almost contemptuous. But worse was to come. One night I noticed a stranger arriving at my house. This guy, a local dude, as per his local car, headed downstairs to party with the ladies, reaching really loud levels, drinking and laughing obnoxiously. I heard him ask, “Get ahold of any weed while you’ve been here?” At 9:45pm I asked them to quiet down, reminding them of my quiet time house rules. I felt like a pesky RA busting a freshmen rager. They did not really comply. They simply closed all the windows and doors and carried on partying. They flushed the toilet 25-30 times during the party, when my rules clearly request water consciousness. At about 10:30PM I messaged Jennifer to be clear that this guy could NOT spend the night. He finally left about 1:00AM. I was extremely distressed and appalled at Jennifer’s judgment in hooking up with some stranger and inviting him to my home to party without even consulting me. Upon check-out, Jennifer left dirty dishes, trash, unplugged lights and furnishings in disarray and not moved back. Someone damaged my brand-new $300 table. They’d moved it around, so when I moved it back to its original position, the support holding the drop leaf broke off right in my hand. She denied damaging it, but when I handed her the keys to the apartment, my table was in perfect condition. Now it is broken. These so-called “quiet professionals” used my home like a frat house, invited strangers over, partied hardy, left a deplorable mess and caused damage in excess of her deposit. They disrespected me, my neighbors, my home and my house rules. Terrible, stressful and nervewracking experience.

    March 2015

    Private Feedback to Jennifer:

    This review pretty much says it all. In case you forgot, you lied to me about the reasons for shortening your trip from 14 nights to four nights. You said it was for business reasons. Just to remind you:

    From: Jennifer (Airbnb User)

    Subject: Re: Hawaii Trip

    Date: January 19, 2015 10:20:05 AM HST


    I had some things coming up with my business and I may have to shorten my trip!

    The days I know that I can come are 3/9 - 3/13. I'd like to keep these days for sure.

    I'm hoping it will work out so I can come the full time, but I will not know for another couple of weeks.

    If there is a chance you can rent it to someone else, I just wanted to give you plenty of notice.

    Can you put your place back up online and try to rent it?

    If it does not rent, I can pay a cancellation/etc.

    Please let me know what my options are??

    Thanks so much!

    Jennifer H

    If you recall then when you arrived here you let it slip that you guys were at the Marriott the previous 10 days. You must have forgotten that you told me otherwise.

    Most hosts would NOT have changed that for you once it was booked and I was under no obligation to do so either. But I understand sometimes plans change. Even if you’d told the truth about getting to stay at the Marriott, I still probably would have changed it, but no, you had to lie. That says a lot about your character.

    But even worse than that was your behavior and complete disrespect of my home, house rules and neighbors. Treating my place like a frat house on spring break. Inviting a local guy over here without even asking me. Exposing me to security issues from someone I don’t even know. Putting me in the terrible position of first asking you to quiet the party, and then making sure your boyfriend left, because he was giving every indication of someone planning on spending the night. I did not sleep until that stranger had left my property.

    All my rules are clearly stated if you’d read them and it’s not rocket science to know you shouldn’t be partying like that in a family home and family neighborhood on a weeknight. My neighbors are teachers and parents of young children who have to get up early for school. I should not have been put through any of that Jennifer. You don’t get to do that as an AirBnB guest. I don’t know what you were thinking.

    In the morning, I was mortified to have to answer and apologize to my neighbors’ irritated text messages about your party noise.

    And then the broken table. If you moved it like you claimed, without lowering the drop leaf, then you DID break it, because it ALL needs to be folded down on both sides to be moved properly. Besides, you were drinking and partying with some strange dude so how are you even sure what went on?

    You are the type of guest that makes people think twice about renting their home online. Your reservation was a nightmare from beginning to end.
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  2. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    Sandy! I spoke too soon! My guests just came upstairs with the tax money, grumbling about the apartment! It wasn't what they expected from Hawaii.... They think it is too expensive for what it is (no cable tv, and some other quirks which are all fully disclosed!!) "as a consumer I work hard for my money and expect more." Did not understand that I didn't keep all of it, that 15% goes to Flipkey.. Had never been to Hawaii and were 'meh' about the place. I tried to listen, also telling them that I discount a certain amount for a reason... And that they wouldn't even be able to find a room in someone's home for this price. Mind you this is my low season rate and they are here for 12 nights. Guests will never cease to amaze me. By the way, I've been underwhelmed by the quality of guests on Flipkey. They are by and large quite unsophisticated travelers compared to Air... Which tells you how bad they are!!

    Countdown until they leave begins NOW. Only 11 more nights until they check out!!!
  3. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Flipkey is no good eh? What do they offer that isn't covered by VRBO or AirBnB? And Homeaway, I've heard of it as well but never bothered to check it out.
  4. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    Avoid FlipKey. I have had bookings from it but they are usually unsophisticated travelers with a tendency to complain....since FK is affiliated with trip advisor... Which is everyone's favorite grousing review site.

    This pair booked through FK.. Where I never change my prices... So they got my high season rate. The guy thought he wasn't getting a good enough place for his money even though they booked 12 nights and are in a fully self contained apartment 2 mins from an uncrowded South Kona beach with great snorkeling.

    He thought I kept all 1700 of his booking... The booking fee for them was $165.. The fee for me was $38. I have not even been paid yet. I believe they collect and hold the entire deposit too.. Not sure.. Plus as you know, I collect tax... He didn't seem to understand when he books a place like this he pays for cleaning, security deposit and of course the nightly rate. And tax. Yeah it's expensive. But if he had booked any other place (the nearest hostel is $89 per night, shared kitchen, communal bath) or a hotel in town, he'd also pay what is lovingly referred to as a "resort fee," which is $30-40 PER DAY and covers parking and wi fi.

    Flipkey pays you the next business day. So that means these guys checked in on Friday and I won't see a penny until Monday at 4pm. I also have received very odd guests through this platform. So I am not sure I will keep my place on it.

    I actually think he was up here complaining so I'd give him some money back. NOPE. Actually the wife had done the booking. She was fully informed what she was getting here. She was nice and seemed to love it upon check in. But him? Complaining like I should refund something. NOPE. Sorry there will be no refunds. Clearly he had no idea had online bookings worked. He was actually up here looking at my million dollar view saying it was "meh." I will post a photo of the view I'm talking about so you can see what I mean. This type of customer would find something wrong with the Taj Mahal. Know what I mean??.

    Try Wimdu if you want to have another service besides Air. Even though they don't collect a deposit, the travelers are sophisticated and in the case of those who have booked me, every last one has been an extremely pleasant solo traveler.

    Homeaway was hard to use, I could never get it to function properly so I dropped that one. I think they are the so called FREE side of VRBO. they take a cut off your bookings. VRBO is more suited for complete vacation homes I think rather than Air style rentals.

    Here's the view from my lanai...my home..the place this guy thought was "meh." DSCN0438.jpg P1030144.jpg


    This one shows their private personal patio where they get a BBQ to themselves. DSCN0057.JPG DSCN0060.JPG

    I could go on and on...but I get it. Clearly my place is a ghetto. Not everyone's cup of tea. I think a guy like this is probably complaining about the beaches here (you know--not like Maui)... and yeah. I'm selling a dump here. 10 more nights until they leave. I'm really fed up with this business at the moment, if you can't tell!
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2015
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  5. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    That sucks KC. How awful to hear such an insult, especially knowing what a deal your place is. Honestly, if they need cable so much, why didn't they go to stay at one of the numerous resorts available all over Hawaii? Surely your apartment is for the guest that wants a local experience? To be honest, all our guests travel with laptops or iPads etc for their own entertainment these days. We don't watch TV, so we don't provide it for guests, although we have Netflix for them on a large screen in the parlor with lots of comfy seating. Most just use their own for Hulu/Netflix/Amazon on laptops. No one has ever complained about no tv here.

    My guests were ultra sweet, had a great time, were really nice to have in the house, and loved everything. These are like the kind of guests we used to get more of the first year, before the people after cheap hotel deals rather than the airbnb experience joined in. I wouldn't have minded them staying for much longer.
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  6. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    I think because on Flipkey you are restricted to 1000 characters, I cannot describe the whole thing fully enough, even though I tell them to write with questions.. Also i have zero reviews so they can't really see other travelers' experiences... so some of it might not be his fault. Yet yeah. I don't get much demand for TV so don't provide it. Why should I fork over at least $50 a month for cable in the studio??

    Yes, know what you mean about the nice guests typical of the early days of Air.... That's why I think it can't hurt to write up an info sheet stating what's expected of guests and send it off to the new ones when they book. They know they are at a disadvantage when they don't have any reviews...

    I think a guy like this will be disappointed about everything and should go stay at the Hilton Waikoloa where he can ride a gondola around in circles all day or pay $600 to swim with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in a baby pond. (They aren't even native to here!)... OH and pay $50 plus per day resort fee.

    As you can tell I am bitter and disgruntled this morning! :) And still have to wait until Monday to get paid!
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