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Our latest guests

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Sandy, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    We've been slowing down, but we do have a few bookings over the next few weeks to fulfill. This weekend, we had a couple, a physician and her journalist fiancé. They originally intended to stay at the best western with the wedding party that was in town, but missed the blocked booking for it, so a few weeks ago contacted me regarding staying in one of our rooms. She sounded pleasant, and they had three reviews, so I accepted. A few days before arriving, I got message saying 'we are hoping to attend a cocktail party from 9:30, and aren't sure if we will make it to check in before hand. I just wanted to check what was the latest time you would be comfortable with our arrival'. I said 11pm as we go to bed by then. I heard nothing back, so assumed they were on par to arrive either before the party, or later, and I had made it clear in my first message as usual, that I needed her to let me know what her arrival time would be, now, and also to contact me on the day. But as the day neared, I was getting concerned that she still hadn't responded to my last message regarding check in time. My concerns were right. On the day, I get a message saying that she'd just realized the trip to our house was 6 hrs, so she 'really hoped' they could make it by 11pm, as her fiancé worked till 6pm (already, the math is t adding up). Then consequently she tells me that her fiancé hadn't yet packed. I was starting to get irritated that someone that knew they had a drive that long (she told me later that they often went to NY, and knew how much further we were), would not have at least been prepared to leave as soon as they finish work so as not to inconvenience the hosts who had indicated they weren't interested staying up half the night, but further hadn't been honest from the get go, or told me immediately when I said that we weren't happy to stay up later than 11pm so alternative arrangements could have been made. It only got worse. When we were out at dinner, we got a text around 8pm saying they were running really late, because the fiancé had to catch a bus home, pack, and they were just stopped for something to eat right now.

    At this point, having been on many long drives with my husband, I just felt so annoyed, as did my husband. These people, decided that they didn't care about the impact their arrival time had on us, and their lack of organization showed that they were far from concerned about it. I don't know about any of you, but when we do long trips, we would be packed instead of leaving it to last minute on a long trip at night especially if we were arriving at someone's home. We also couldn't understand why the woman who had the day off didn't pack a meal or some snacks, be ready to pick him up from work (she told me she would pack his bags for him?), so they could leave straight away, instead of wasting the extra hours for him to take a bus home, pack, leave, and then stop for dinner as well? Maybe we're just expecting too much out of people, you know, like expecting them to care how they effect others, and to be honest about when they are going to be arriving. That way we could choose whether we wanted to accept a booking that required staying up half the night or not.

    Well, they arrived around 2am, and we did inevitably stay up, afraid we wouldn't wake up or hear them otherwise. We live on our third floor and sometimes don't hear the doorbell. The fiancé was surly, and acted as if THEY were the ones put out, because towards the end in the messages I expressed some disappointment.

    The next day, we heard a huge crash. Then a text came. 'We broke the bed. We're about to go out. We can just move to another room when we get back'. We couldn't believe it. This was not one of our antique frames. This was actually a steel bed with four poster top that looked antique. How had this happened, and why were they thinking that we were just going to let them move into another room to use another set of sheets, pillows etc? My husband went down to check and told them we would fix it when they left, as obviously they were just leaving it in a heap, and thought they could mess up another room. In fact, they had somehow caused the steel slats to come out of their tight pockets, and drop to the floor, gouging our fairly recently refinished wood floors. We couldn't work out how this was even possible, unless it involved some manouver of pushing exceptionally hard on the box spring while holding the frame somehow. These slats are rock solid and tight, and have no bend to them at all. Obviously something rough went on. Which is, whatever. But if I had done that to a hosts bed, I wouldn't get up, leave a disaster (when we entered to fix it there was stuff all over the place making it barely possible to even get to the bed because of shoes, inside out jeans and underwear strewn all around the bed). Personally if I had done that, I'd put the bed back together myself, not make someone else do it. It was so obvious what had happened. These were people that took no responsibility for themselves, treated our home like a hotel, us like servants, and didn't even bother to clear a path to the bed so we could clear up the mess they made, which they then wanted to make in another room.

    The guy clipped his beard this morning before leaving, and left a great pile of the clippings just sitting in the basin for us to clean up for him. The curtains and blinds were drawn so it was dark in there, yet all the lights were on, and the fan left going full bore.

    These are the young professionals that come to stay in our airbnb. They're not unique. This is not particularly alarming. But it's just another situation where we feel that sure, we made money, but we also feel we were treated less than kindly. I guess this is just normal behavior these days.
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  2. Chicagohost

    Chicagohost Member

    WTF is wrong with people? Who the hell asks people to stay up til 2 am? And leaves body hair clippings in the bathroom? Who assumes they can have access to break and thrash all your stuff, Goldilocks style? You know, it's not the actual time or effort on your part that is even the worse part of this -- it's the fucked up energy that people like this bring into our homes.

    What are you going to write in your review?
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  3. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    You hit the nail on the head CH. This is exactly what it feels like. When people arrive, and especially when we are treated poorly, and there is bad attitude to boot, as if we should be treated badly and act happy about it, it just kills us. We just feel depressed the whole time they're here. Surely it's not difficult just to be a bit respectful to people that are opening their home to you?

    As far as the review, I always feel worried that if I leave one, it will prompt one in return. They will know that our review will not be positive, and will be more likely to try to find fault with us. Is it even worth it?
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  4. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    Wow, super late arrival, bed breaking sex?, and a beard deposit. Were you able to fix the bed? The floors? I imagine they are expecting a negative review from you and might likely have a nitpick or two at your hospitality? No way to tell what they will say. But if you want to warn hosts about their behaviors that upset you I suggest you mention them in the review. I think the arrival time and lack of communication is the worst part.

    Thanks for sharing Sandy. I would like your post but it's not a likeable situation you have been put through. Wishing you better guests soon!
  5. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    2am arrival! That's the worst way to start any stay. What's a host to do? Not let them in? I think Matt is correct, mention the check-in with a review. These people need to be put in check.
  6. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Yeah. We could handle a late check in if there had been honesty about it when they booked and we were given a choice whether we wanted to do it. They clearly knew the guy didn't have the day off and worse, they didn't even bother getting ready to leave so that they could arrive in a somewhat timely fashion at 12 instead of 2. Really it was that when I inevitably suggested that it was getting very late and perhaps they'd prefer to stop in a hotel (we'd refund the night), we got a very aggressive message back saying WE'RE COMING, making it clear we just had no say in it. They paid for it, and we were going to have to put up with whatever treatment they dished out.

    When they arrived, the fiancé was apparently quite aggressive, and never once smiled while he was here. It was such a bad vibe. Then instead of putting the bed back together that we can't even work out how they caused to collapse, they called us like the servants to deal with it, or expected another room instead. Who does that?! If I caused the bed to collapse because of my activities, I would at least be responsible enough to go 'oh whoops! We better put this back together!'. Believe me when I say this bed is rock solid, and we have no clue how they got the steel slats to come out.

    My husband dealt with them, was very nice, and they sent a text afterwards saying how much they'd enjoyed themselves. Great! Glad they did.
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  7. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    I'm so sorry. Just one of this type of guest would make me want to stop doing Air forever. My worst worst guest ever in my AirB history was a cupcake compared to this nightmare.... Sandy, there are just no words. I would be just a wreck in your shoes!

    As far as the review you must leave one. If they leave you one first of course, pound them in return... If not, use my trick...wait until 11:59pm on the last day you can leave one (this trick was actually suggested by someone at Air).. Have it all written and use up all 500 words you are allowed. Cut and paste it into your review window and hit submit. Bang, they won't have time to respond.

    Those two will never get another host to rent to them on Air bnb ever. I know, small consolation but at least it is something.

    Can you make a claim on the floor damage to Air? Ugh, this is so bad. They should have stayed at Best Western, breaking their beds!!! Covering their basins with beard clippings...gross!!!!!
  8. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    As a hairy man myself I always trim my body hair before going on a vacation. And if I do some beard work in someone elses house I always am sure to get every little black hair into the trash - not the drain!
  9. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Cleaning up hair is the grossest part of hosting. And someone who leaves it in a host's sink is nothing short of a total pig.

    Sandy,we have probably talked about this before, and you might have told me, but do you have a guest document that clearly outlines your expectations of guest behavior? Such as post-midnight arrivals are not allowed, and please leave the room as you found it. Please remove your own trash. Please be considerate and respect the rights of our household and the rights of our other guests to be comfortable here. Our walls are thin, etc. ? I dunno. Maybe you should spell it out really clearly. Some people have to be hit over the head with a brick... Know what I mean?

    I may overdo it, but I have clear expectations of behavior, I say it to them at least five times in the most polite and even humorous way I can think of...and if they still don't comply (this is rare) then I either say something gently via text or leave it in a review at 11:59pm on the last day of the review period.

    Guests remind me of my kindergarten students. They must be clearly told of the behavior expected of them or they will do as they please, take advantage of he teacher and chaos will rule the day. I learned early on as a sub...take charge in a BIG way-- or they will!
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  10. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Lol. So, I did leave an honest review of our experience, although somewhat toned down after I saw the guest had reviewed us. As usual, they left a requisite 'positive' review, with some passive agression with 'the bed collapsed, but M fixed it so it was a non issue' (actually it was both of us), and if it was a non issue, why mention it? And in the private feedback, M was out cleaning egg off her car that was likely done by an annoyed neighbor because she had parked two feet out in the middle of the road, opposite the only other car on the road making it almost impossible to get by. For that, she went one down for location due to safety, despite feeling very safe? Worst was her saying I hadn't made it abundantly clear days before about how late we'd be happy to accept guests. Unbelievable. I don't regret our less than positive review one bit! Enjoy:

    My fiance and I stayed here while we were in town for a wedding. We ended up arriving very late on our first night, and after some back and forths, M was very accommodating. There were surprise bagels in the morning, which were fantastic. The whole house is wonderfully set up with antiques, linens, natural lighting and home knit and painted items. It's not too far from the downtown river area. At one point our bed collapsed when my fiance sat down on it to read (I think because it is antique) - but M placed the boards back as they were and it was a non-issue. I would definitely recommend staying here.

    What Rachael loved about your listing:
    Thanks for helping me clean the egg off my car! I deal with emergencies every day at work so a little egg is really nothing to worry about. Thanks for being easy-going about us coming late once we got there. I was very worried on the ride up, but it all ended up being fine.

    Arrival feedback:
    I would say part of what made the arrival stressful was the separate communication between both M and Sandy. It might be better if a similar situation arises, just to be in touch with one person and to make that clear, so as to avoid further stress. It might also have been better to make it really clear way ahead that a late arrival would be undesirable, and then I would not have booked it because there was a chance that Joel would not get out of work at a reasonable hour, although he intended to when I booked it. It was a very stressful ride up.

    Location feedback:
    I guess I went down one star for the car egging (in terms of "safety") but I felt very safe in the area overall. You can't control your neighbors' kids.

    June 2015
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  11. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    OMG! I cannot believe this! I have never seen this level of nit picking in a review... They sound very immature, VERY. Sounds like they deserved the egg. Ugh... good riddance, glad it was a short stay! Would you mind sharing your review of THEM? Enquiring minds would love to see it. :)
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  12. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    Yes we want to see how you delt them their review. I suspect it was benefitial to let off a little steam here first. And was it M who did the egging?! :)
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  13. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Oh no, it was M who CLEANED UP the egging that has never occurred in our neighborhood before, that we assume occurred because the idiots practically blocked the road with their car parked out almost in the middle, exactly opposite the only neighbor of ours that parks opposite (major bottleneck). So easily avoided by moving the car in two feet and up or down the long expanse of property before them. But she chose to dock us a point on location because of 'safety, despite feeling very safe'. Our neighborhood by the way is the most upmarket in the area. It is lined with historic mansions, and is renowned. There are no safety issues to speak of, which would have been clearly obvious by the incredible quiet calm, only disturbed by the yard work here and there.

    In regards to being made well aware about the late arrival, case in point here are the exchanged messages days beforehand, when she first bought the issue up. From her three days prior:
    Airbnb recommended that I message you ahead of time. We still do not know our exact plans for our arrival on Friday night. I can definitely confirm we're still coming - the welcome cocktails are at the best western at 9:30pm. My hope would be that we arrive before then so we can drop our stuff off, change, and head over, but we are driving from washington, dc. So, I'll update you on Friday for a more exact ETA. However, please let me know if there is a time that you do NOT want us to arrive later then, and then we will make an extra effort to go to you first (if we're running late).
    My response:
    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for getting in touch and filling in with more details. It would be ideal if you could arrive before the cocktails, mainly because it would be no fun to feel pressured to leave during the party to check in if you are having a great time. We typically stay up till 10:30- 11pm, so that would be best for us. We are prepared to stay up until the latter time (11pm) to accommodate you if you can't get here before your party. How do you think that would work for you?

    To which I got NO RESPONSE until the 'oh whoops, I just worked out it was six hours and Joel's not off work' sob story On the day of arrival. It seems that she was fully delusional all along about travel times, because even on the day, knowing her fiancé was working, she still mentioned trying to make the party. Say what?

    The 'separate communication' was because my husband was the one staying up to meet them (although we both inevitably did', so I had given them his phone number to call on arrival. But smart cookie she was, instead of continuing communication with me until then, she took to texting with him and me. Both M and I were on exactly the same page, except M was even more put out. It's hilarious that she thinks M was the knight in shining armor! He was disgusted and appalled.

    Our review:
    We can't recommend Rachael or her fiancé Joel as guests. We had communicated that the latest we were happy to accept arrivals was 11pm as that was when we went to bed. Nonetheless, they omitted to tell us until the day that Joel was working, and despite the 6hr drive, hadn't packed his bags, and was catching a bus home after he finished work at 6pm to do so. I offered a refund for them to stop somewhere on their way instead, but was promised they would make it here asap. Later that evening we were sent a 'whoops' message saying 'we're running really late' and now they'd stopped for something to eat. It got worse when they became aggressive when we inevitably expressed disappointment about being made to stay up half the night. Instead of feeling the least bit apologetic upon their arrival close to 2am, Joel was surly. The next day they somehow managed to collapse the strongest steel frame bed we have -gouging our newly refinished hardwood floors. Rather than make any effort to fix the situation, Joel suggested they simply move to another room (not taking into account that we would be left with twice the laundry and cleaning) when they got back from their night out, and left us to manage it the mess. The beard clippings Joel left in the basin for what I can only assume he thought we as the maid service were there for summed the weekend up nicely. They had originally wanted to book at the Best Western, but booked too late. I would suggest their expectations are better met at these type of lodgings as they didnt seem to appreciate that they were in someone's home. Please consider our experience if you are thinking of booking a room or apartment to these unorganized, disrespectful and entitled people.

    Believe it or not, this was toned down from the original. M was egging me on to include more details! This is my first negative review. My worst before said 'although R was tidy, she wasn't the most pleasant guest we have had stay'.
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  14. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    Great review by you!!!! Love this: "M was EGGING me on to include more details!"
    Love the part about how These guests would be more suited to Best Western accommodations as they didn't seem to appreciate they were in someone else's home."

    Hope you left a response to her idiotic downgrade on safety. Maybe the egg came from a nesting bird??
    (Who's wasting eggs these days anyway, with the uptick in price due to avian flu!?"

    Guests are thoughtless, stupid morons much of the time!
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  15. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Egging cars. Thought it was a lost past-time. Did they respond to your review directly or on their page? I'm guessing it was an awakening of sorts. Unfortunately people are unlikely to change their manners.

    Hopefully this weekend brings you more respectful guests Sandy!
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  16. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Lol, yes. We were surprised too, but not so much after seeing the way they parked. People do need to be able to drive down our street, and their parking was about as disrespectful as the rest of the behavior. Hilarious that they thought it was local kids. Keep believing that you have nothing to do with anything that happens to you, honey!

    No response.

    We have some guests about to arrive, two young women traveling together. They sound very sweet so far, so I would be surprised if they were any trouble :)
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  17. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    LOL... Two single women traveling together have been trouble in my book. Coming to Hawaii to party, meet local guys and bring them home!! NOT! Getting drunk in my place, wrecking furniture. It was such an outrageous thing to do I didn't even think such a ing would be need carry to put it in my guest rules!! Now guests better not dream of bringing anyone unregistered to my home!!!
  18. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    Would you like to read the review I wrote for my nightmare guests? Willing to share!
  19. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Sure KC. By the way, our latest guests just arrived, the two young women (also here for a wedding). It is total night and day. They got stuck in legitimate hardcore Manhattan traffic for three hours trying to get out of the city, and were so apologetic for their late (9:3o lol), arrival. They also hadn't eaten a thing because they were racing so as not to upset us. We found this arrival time incredibly early after last week so were quite delighted. They were thrilled and raving about our home and so grateful, whereas the last two had nothing to say (very rare, and clearly passive aggressive).
  20. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    I will dig up my Jennifer review and post tomorrow. :) I just greeted two myself who seemed completely delighted with the room. Very nice. Sure does make a huge difference when they walk in and go WOW, this is really cute! this is just right for us!
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