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Older Women

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Jersey Jerry, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Jersey Jerry

    Jersey Jerry New Member

    I am friendly dude. My roomate is in Asia for the spring semester so I have been having his room open here in Santa Barbara. I'm 25 and mostly Italian. I have had 2 older women come stay this month that I think were trying to take advantage of me. Is AirBnB like Tinder for older ladies?

    One of them got really uncomfortable, I knew it was trouble when she started drinking by herself at 3pm. She said it was her spring break and she wanted to let loose. After a few rum and some kind of juice cocktails she was getting touchy feely with me, in the kitchen while I was cooking food. Kept asking me if Id have one of her cocktaiils. It was wednesday mind you. Not that I was attracted, but I thought what if I was. How does this end up in the review process? It got really uncomfortable and I actually left and went to the gym. I had some work on the computer to finish but I couldn't handle the weirdness at the apartment. Luckily after the gym I stopped by a friends house and by the time I got home around 8pm she had passed out. Even more lucky she had an early flight out the next morning! Just today I got the review and it was as if nothing happened. Man, I thought this is a no win situation she could hate me for not giving it to her or hate me if I did.

    I guess all is well that ends well but boy was I uncomfortable and that's not easy to do.
  2. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    Ahh guest and host romance. I'm sure it happens all the time. Is it quite an awkward predicament if both parties aren't into it.
  3. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    I'm sure plenty of men go staying with women with similar high hopes so let's not pin it on women :confused:
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  4. Jersey Jerry

    Jersey Jerry New Member

    True! You do see who you will be staying with and you could be interested in said person before even meeting them IRL.
  5. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Sounds like a good problem to have Jersey Jerry, I think I'm a bit jealous.
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  6. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    What happens at the AirBnB stays at the AirBnB.
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  7. Abby J

    Abby J Member

    Get over yourself.
  8. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Abby, is that the way you talk to people in real life? Let me say this, if dear Jersey Jerry were a woman, the reaction would be very different. I don't consider this the least bit funny, having been in the same position myself. It's no fun having unwelcome advances made from a drunk person at any point. If you are alone in your home, and an older person does this to you, to the point you are unable to finish your schoolwork, or be comfortable in your own home to sleep, I consider it a terrible position to be in. Male or female. The media would love this story, if it was a young petite woman being groped by a drunk older guy in her home. But instead this poor guy, as equally uncomfortable gets a few jokes, and told to get over himself.

    I'm pretty surprised, because they all think that because this is a young guy, he must have secretly liked it. This is ridiculous, and clearly his leaving the house shows he most certainly did not like being groped by someone he was not attracted to. This is the kind of sexism that people don't even know they are doing.

    Abby was outright hostile. Why? Because he mentions he turned down a come on, does this make him vain? I don't get it? If it was a woman and an older drunk man groping her, would you say the same thing?

    A home is meant to be your safe place. People that use airbnb should be trusted to behave themselves and conduct themselves in a way that doesn't make hosts so uncomfortable as to have to leave until they are 'passed out' from alcohol. I suggest a review that makes it clear the stay didn't go well Jerry. I would also let airbnb know. Sexual harassment isn't funny, for anyone. By the way, I'm not a straight person. I'm a musician who traveled on the road with a band for years. But all I know is, if I said this, people would be disgusted, because I'm a petite blonde. It shouldn't make a difference.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2015
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  9. KJR

    KJR New Member

    No Airbnb is not like Tinder! If this happens again, even if you are attracted to the person, STOP it in the bud. You certainly don't want to be accused of something you didn't do. He said, she said stories are hard to prove. You were smart to leave, but you should inform Airbnb as well.
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  10. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    KJR is right this can be a recipe for disaster.
  11. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    Well said Sandy. Jerry got to experience what we women have had to endure from old codgers for ages. That's pretty pathetic and you handled it very well. You did the right thing by stepping out of the situation and leaving Loosey Lucy to her cocktail. Just gross of her.
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