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No internet as promised

Discussion in 'Guests' started by Stephen Handon, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Stephen Handon

    Stephen Handon New Member

    Hey AirBnB buddies. Stephen here in Portland, staying at a nice condo in the city. Only concerning thing is that the internet isn't functioning. I've traveled to Starbucks to find a connection, but this frustrates me as I use the internet for work and was depending on a connection in the condo. I have messaged the property manager but no response yet. Should I ask for a refund? I even had asked when I booked that the internet is good and was assured it was ok.
  2. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    I feel for you as I am a bit of a wifi junkie. Of course I have a good data plan on the phone but I really like to stretch out with my laptop. Have you seen if you can locate the modem/router in the condo and reset it by unplugging for a few minutes? I know this is the most commong first-step to troubleshooting.
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  3. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Did you hear back from the host? Did you try the reset? These things happen, it could be the host hasn't paid the bill, it could be the internet company is at fault. I don't think it would be wrong to ask for some compensation for not having the amenities you were counting on. I would be pretty unhappy to have to go to Starbucks to work myself.
  4. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    I have problems with my router, I think I need a new one. About twice a month it will only allow access to certain sites like Google. Then I just unplug it and plug it back in real quick and viola it's fixed. I have included the description of how to reset the router in my welcome sheet that's in the room. That way if I'm not around it's easy for a guest to reset the WIFI.
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  5. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    I'm guessing the OP reset and enjoyed the rest of the trip in the comforts of home wifi.
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