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New pricing tools in beta

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Abby J, May 8, 2015.

  1. Abby J

    Abby J Member

  2. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    These additions might be a bit overboard, it's not my company but if it were I'd iton out all the other kinks first.
  3. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    When searching for a place to stay I see there is a new faint bar graph representation above the price slider that shows what pricing the majority of listings fall into.

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  4. Rosatti

    Rosatti Member

    No new pricing tools in my dashboard. Must be for the special hosts :eek:
  5. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

  6. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    Aha I see now I have access to the pricing tools. I guess the beta is over. It suggests I up my prices 20% for this month and it says.

    "Based on demand and your listing’s attributes, you’re more likely to get booked at these prices."

    Hmm, I charge more and I am more likely to get booked. They could be right. Should I up my prices 20%? I have about half of the days available for June that I could do so.
  7. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    I find this tool to be insightful. Last week I used it to price my room for Comicon. Comicon is the busiest weekend in San Diego. I think last year somewhere around 100k+ tourists came for the convention. The price tips suggests I make my price 3x my usual rate for this particular weekend. I am pretty sure they are right. It also has July 4th weekend almost 2x the normal rate. July is good for AirBnB. I remember last year July was the first month I covered all of my expenses with AirBnB revenue.
  8. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    I just logged in to the web-site for the first time in awhile. I forgot how much quicker it is to use my Macbook compared to the Iphone. The pricing features look useful, I am prettty close with my prices. I wonder if it's considering cleaning fees in the calculations and comparrisons. I did notice a few weekends that are recommended I price higher and am going to try that advice.
  9. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

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  10. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Over my head as well, I'll just presume it to know more then I do and do what it says! :rolleyes:
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  11. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    I've been thinking more about it and think I will try the higher prices suggested. Hard to tell how it will fair because July is one of the busiest months already in LA. Maybe August being the busiest?

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