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Lost my superhost status

Discussion in 'Hosts' started by Shredder, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    I'm almost positive it makes no difference to guests. As a matter of fact, any person I've had a conversation about the topic with, aside from hosts has asked 'what's a superhost'? I'm sure it sounds like something made up to guests. Maybe something you can even purchase.

    Another reason I believe it doesn't matter, is good friends of ours in our same area in a similar type of set up (historic building multiple rooms), are not superhosts, obviously due to some cancellations. They do however have phenomenal raving reviews, because they are awesome hosts and love entertaining. They are the most popular airbnb in the area, and are booked out more than anyone. They have the most reviews, starting two years before us. We on the other hand, are superhosts, have about the same in five star reviews, but we don't get near as many bookings as they do (nor do we want them!). They do things we don't, such as a full cooked breakfast for an extra $10, and spend that time over breakfast getting to know their guests, which many seem to love. Many things are much more relevant than a little badge that most guests don't have a clue what means, or even notice.

    Shredder, it seems like you are a 'Superhost', and I agree hosts get very little in the way of reward for keeping up the the standards required. With your level of experience as a host having had so many guests, and a clear commitment to keeping a high standard going, it's a pity these badges separate people. Why is a host that has only had ten guests up for the title? Surely it is someone like yourself, that has shown commitment and longevity who are the true superhosts.

    In fact I believe the badge is so pointless, I'm about to lose ours for the first time by canceling our first guests. They talked me in to taking a baby, but that was months ago, and the booking isn't until October. I lacked foresight at the time as they cajoled and convinced. But that baby, will be a full blown toddler by then. Our house is not appropriate for the cute little grabby hands, or safe enough for unsteady little bodies. And I don't mind losing our badge. I truly don't believe it offers much at all.
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  2. Shredder

    Shredder Member

    Now my 5* rating is down to 73%. No superhost here. Super busy hosting though that's for sure. Everyone tells me they are super happy. Maybe they miss the star buttons and give me a 3 on accident.

    1 cancellation is pretty lousy requirement too. What's the guests cancellation policy? Lol. October is pretty far out still.
  3. Elixirty

    Elixirty New Member

    Tengo uno cancellation under my belt. Was well worth it, had a beautiful week in Hawaii. Since then I changed my setting to only allow bookings that come in the next 3 months.
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  4. catsmom

    catsmom New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this site, just found it today! Love it that Airbnb hosts can share all of this important and valuable info. I absolutely agree that "Superhost" status means nothing to the majority of guests, and they don't even know it exists. I have been hosting for over two years now, and I'm pretty much booked solid all the time. I had to take one of my properties off of Airbnb last October for personal reasons. That meant I had to cancel three guests who had booked well in advance. Guests were understanding and fine with it, since they still had several months to find replacement housing. But because of the cancellations, I'm not eligible for the silly "Superhost" badge. So, now after eight months since this happened, I'm still being penalized for it. How long will this affect me?

    I would like to share that I have used the Airbnb "chat" service two times recently. I think it's the best customer service feature they have going for them. I've had the most frustrating experiences trying to send email questions to them while being routed through FAQ hell. Only tried calling twice, when I urgently needed help. But the "chat" is excellent and fast
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  5. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Welcome to the forum! I believe that they update the Superhost status quarterly and then you have to maintain in for a year to get the incentives? You should have the badge again if it has been 8 months since your cancellation and you meet the other requirements. Have you looked at it in your dashboard?

    I haven't tried the chat support yet. Thanks for the tip, as I wasn't even aware it existed! I always have used the phone and generally it's pretty minimal wait time and friendly service.
  6. Shredder

    Shredder Member

    To find your superhost information: Login to the web-site (not on your phone) and click on your name in the top right corner. Then click on dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  7. Shredder

    Shredder Member

    It's killing me. I get glowing reviews. 200 of them. But my stars are just getting worse and worse. My cleanliness is down to 64%, which is practically a skyfall. I'm not doing anything different since I started! I don't know what to clean, I don't know who finds it dirty. Despite the good reviews, the thank yous on departure, the money in my bank, I can't get over these people giving me 3 stars, 2 stars, 1 star. :mad::mad::mad:
  8. Chicagohost

    Chicagohost Member

    I noticed that my sheets aren't perfectly clean anymore -- when guests see anything that looks like a light stain or mark, I get a hit on cleanliness. If they find a hair of mine that fell out while I was making the bed, cleanliness also gets a ding. Are you dusting everything -- ceiling fans, sills, etc? I notice that I need to clean new areas as time goes on.... Just a thought. People aren't honest in written reviews but they will indirectly voice their criticisms through the stars.
  9. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Perhaps ask a friend or family member, who you think of as being very particular about cleanliness, have a look at your place and offer suggestions for improvement.
  10. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    They added an option to searches to filter for superhosts.

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  11. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    I just tried a search and am not seeing that option.
  12. Shredder

    Shredder Member

    Moving on up!

    My guests think Im great now. Wish I knew what I was doing different but I got this e-mail this morning:

    You’ve gotten five 5-star reviews in a row
    Share Milestone: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hi Shredder,
    Your guests are loving what you’re doing! You’ve gotten five 5-star reviews in a row. It takes a lot of work to make such a great impression on travellers, and you’re doing it consistently. Thanks for being a conscientious and welcoming host.
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    The Airbnb Team
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  13. jwangsness

    jwangsness New Member

    Now I understand why my rating has plummeted! I too recently canceled a guy who'd actually shown up but I didn't care for the person at all; I couldn't have imagined having him in my house for 4 days. The previous guy was bad enough with his dirty socks spread out on the floor and his eating donuts in bed and then having the nerve (stupidity?) to complain about ants? I'm also probably in hot water now because I declined a person because my present guest wanted to extend his stay again, but maybe that won't be a problem--and I really do not care.

    Since re-listing my place last month it's been occupied all but a couple of days. My ratings look OK to me, but I realize I'll probably never get my super host badge. Sigh. ;) I'm not going to lose sleep over it; and you shouldn't either Shredder. I've got a fairly large place with lots of shelves and corners that need to be dusted more often--this isn't a bear bones motel room or a hospital operating room--it's a lived in home with bugs and dust. However, I do my best to keep it tidy and I always do my very best to keep the bathroom and kitchen spotless as well as the bedding and area around the bed extra clean. The bottom line is, at least for my humble accommodation offering, lowly Motel 6 would cost nearly triple if someone wanted absolute institutional-like cleanliness--and they don't even charge extra for the hookers, drunks and barking dogs

    I do have a question about the "location" rating and what the guest is commenting on. I'm at a 4.5 star rating. Why? Is it the desirability, character, safety, etc., of the immediate neighborhood? Those things are beyond my control. Or could it be the condition of the immediate surroundings, i.e., the overgrown yard and the fallen palm fronds on the deck?

    The Badge Thing is a competitive tactic Airbnb uses to make us behave more like a Best Western or Hyatt where "the customer is always right" and every demand or criticism must be met with a smile no matter what.
  14. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    We all seem to agree Superhost is worthless and just an attempt to get hosts to bend over backwards with slightest chance of getting a once a year $100 travel voucher.

    Living in LA, fighting the ants and the dust is a neverending problem. Another host mentioned somewhere about Tarro. You should check that out @jwangsness, those ant hotels don't work. The liquid Tarro is the bomb, literally.

    Location rating is very subjective, like they all are. I don't think it should be a category. Let's not get started on a rant about ratings. We can have many threads for that :)
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  15. jwangsness

    jwangsness New Member

    Thanks Matt for the comments about "location". Wow, only a $100 travel voucher, maybe? Not much of an inducement--for me anywayz.

    I totally agree Matt! But you have to admit it is frustrating. It's just human nature; some of us are harder to please than others. As a relative new-comer to Airbnb hosting, I didn't realize what a big deal the rating thing was.

    As for the ants, yes they are going crazy with this drought. They come to the sinks for water and they're walking around--sometimes just one lone scout--in areas other than the kitchen. I'll look for the taro stuff. In the meantime if I keep the trash emptied and everything dry it's not bad at all. But then again! Sometime just one ant freaks people out. I won't tell you about the daddy long legs! :eek:
  16. jwangsness

    jwangsness New Member

    What a load of crap. You run yourself ragged for a lousy $100 credit to stay at an Airbnb place? And we bow and scrape to get this rating so we can get access to their help faster than the rest of us who might really need help just as much as these super people? Attending releases and events? OMG please. What could they possibly be "releasing"? Gas?
  17. jwangsness

    jwangsness New Member

    You nailed it. It's all about price. I am the cheapest couch in Long Beach and I'm booked pretty much solid--even with a couple of ants and the lack of Godiva chocolates on the pillow! lol.....
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  18. jwangsness

    jwangsness New Member

    Don't pay any attention to it. You obviously are getting business so this rating silliness is not needed for you to succeed. Ignore it.
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  19. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    Welcome to the forum jwangsness! You rent your couch as a shared space? Maybe hersheys kisses would be more affordable. ;) I wouldn't leave chocolate for guests because I forsee it causing a mess. Especially when this rain clears and the heat overwhelms us.
  20. jwangsness

    jwangsness New Member

    Yes I rent the couch, which is actually a regular twin bed. I built the frame for it which was inspired by the sofa beds I occasionally slept in at truck stops in Saudi Arabia. These beds were grouped together outside in the open air and usually without any overhead shelter. You'd get a big rough bundle of bedding and maybe a sheet. It was hilarious. My version in my living room is way more comfy.

    The guy who complained about the ants, as I mentioned earlier, was sitting in bed one morning eating a package of those Hostess mini sugar donuts. He also just dropped his wet towels wherever. How stupid can people be? I'm far from being what you'd call fastidious, but he really bugged me. He also took a bath and didn't have the courtesy to give the tub a final swish of water to wash away....well, you can imagine. He had black hair--all over! :)

    Presently I've got the nicest guy staying. He's extended his stay 2 times so he'll be here over 2 weeks. I actually wouldn't mind him moving in permanently. He's tidy, easy to be around, is gone to work all day, makes his bed each day, and hopefully isn't bothered by the occasional ant.

    Tell me about your Castle.

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