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Locks on bedroom doors?

Discussion in 'Hosts' started by Rose, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Rose

    Rose New Member

    I am curious if you hosts have a lock on your guest room and also do you have a lock on your personal bedroom? I have locks on both rooms but have never used them. This hasn't been the cause of any issues thus far that I am aware of. Last week however, I had a guest lock the bedroom door thinking that their house key would be able to open it. Luckily I was home and had the keys in my desk to open the door. Never before had I even considered the guests would lock their door. Then it occurred to me maybe I should be locking mine? Do guests peek in my room when I am away? What do you hosts think?
  2. Carolyn

    Carolyn Member

    Rose, great question. I'd like to know what people do too. My Airbnb is a separate studio, but I just listed a room in my house (no takers yet):(. I decided definitely to have a lock on the guest's door, so they have the option of using it if they wish. I wasn't planning on locking my own bedroom door, in part because I work from home, so I'm here. However, I may re-think that, and I do want to get out of the house when guests are here, to give them some space.
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  3. SI MON

    SI MON New Member

    There are no locks on the doors on the inside of my house so that's not something I have to worry about. I could install them but don't see the need. IMHO locks on bedroom doors aren't needed for airbnb. YMMV.
  4. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    I don't lock my bedroom door and I don't think any guests will have gone in to my room as it's in another part of the house. The guest room doesn't have a lock on the door and since it's usually just me and the guests in the house I don't feel they need to lock their door. Nobody has showed any concerns thus far.
  5. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    Both of my bedroom doors in my place are lockable. I provide a key to the front door and a key to the guest bedroom for guests when they arrive. I do generally lock my bedroom door as I like to know my personal space is kept private. Most of my guests do close their bedroom door when they aren't at the house, but it's hard for my to say if guests use the lock much.
  6. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    We have old skeleton keys on the doors in our house. We provide keys to guests for their rooms, and i lock our door when we go out. I like to know no one would go snooping, and I absolutely think it's necessary for certain things to be kept safe.

    Some guests seem to lock their doors, and some leave them wide open (although I don't always check). Sometimes I do check the bathrooms when guests are out though, because our floors are polished wood, and many don't bother to wipe up all the water which is damaging to them.
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  7. Rose

    Rose New Member

    My bedroom is in the same hallway across from the guestroom so it's right there for a peak inside. I decided to switch the lock on the guest room into a plain door handle. I didn't want to bother with them having two keys and I don't see a reason for them to lock their door. I however have started locking my door when I feel the need to, which hasn't been very often.
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