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Lack of communication and LATE LATE people

Discussion in 'Hosts' started by jmsmilin, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. jmsmilin

    jmsmilin New Member

    Ive had mostly great folks, but so many (even the elderly) are NIGHT OWLS! Worst though is many just dont communicate well. But Ive adapted and we reach out more. Most have been good. Anyone else deal with night owls and folks that dont call/text/communicate well?
  2. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    Do you mean that they arrive late or that they are loud in the house late at night? I really try to be specific about arrival times, and I'm sure to do it days in advance, as Europeans often travel without a phone.
  3. jmsmilin

    jmsmilin New Member

    Never had any Euro trash...er I mean European Guests (ha, just kidding, we like everybody - besides the only color we see is green) anywho, Ive just had several folks want to arrive late. Or call me at their arrival time and say...oh Im just leaving (or better yet I had to call them when they didnt show) and they are still hours away...but we do say flexible check in/out times. Without that flexibility I would have got less guests, thats for sure. Im not in a very hot hot city or anything. Im doing well for my area I suppose, but its surely due in part to how cheap and flexible I am. I am making changes based off recent guests and will see how it pans out.
  4. Shredder

    Shredder Member

    Arriving is such an issue.

    I try to confirm at least 48 hours in advance to account for international travel. I also am sure to give them the wifi code so if they get to my front door and have no cell service they should be able to get on my wifi and contact me. I see now AirBnB is promoting alternate programmable entries on their website to hosts. The technology is coming very soon. Keys are on there way out I would think.

    I have a guest coming tonight but before she booked she asked if she could arrive at 1am. I said yes. Now I have made arrangements to leave the key out for her. I will be home but of course fast asleep.

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