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Host goes in my room while im out

Discussion in 'Guests' started by Randy Grinell, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Randy Grinell

    Randy Grinell New Member

    Completed a 5th AirBnB stay.. Perhaps the awkwardness was inevitable...

    While I'm out at the conference the woman hosting me gave my room the hotel maidservice. I wasn't expecting that, and wish she had asked. I had the door closed. No DO NOT DISTURB sign available to use. Is it commonplace to get the room serviced? First time for me....
  2. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    I never go in the guests room once they have checked in. I would assume hosts have different policies regarding this. Take into consideration that they most likely were just hoping to give you an extra service for your stay. I wouldn't leave them a bad review but shoot them a message with the review saying, "I would have appreciated it if you asked to tidy up the room". Or something along those lines. And yes perhaps they should order some hotel door hangers to make it more clear.
  3. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    I have to ask - What do you have to hide? :eek:
  4. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    I give my guests keys (we have skeleton keys to our doors) of which I have a copy, but not everyone feels the need to use them, especially if it's just us here. I don't venture into the rooms, unless I am worried about a pet that has been left in there too long (I specify not to leave pets more than a short dinner, but they do anyway), or to turn off blasting AC's or check the antique wood floors in our bathrooms that so many don't bother to wipe up or pick up the sodden mats from.

    I wonder why you expect her to open her private home up to a complete stranger, yet you are freaked out that she just went in to 'your room' do you a kindness - probably because she felt you'd appreciate it. Whlie I understand the need for privacy, the trust in these situations goes both ways. I also wonder what you are so worried about. In the times that I've entered rooms to make sure things are ok, I really am just doing that. No one wants to snoop, as we wouldn't want that done to us. I'm pretty sure most people feel the same way I do - they would never want a guest to feel snooped on or that their privacy was infringed.

    Why would anyone imagine that an airbnb host, who can be reviewed, and has personal pride in their own business, would be less caring than a hotel maid for instance? Yet people happily let hotel maids into the rooms to make them up, never ever thinking to call it snooping.

    I hope you don't say anything that makes her feel as if she did anything wrong. It just wasn't what you wanted. How about you just mention in the review that you came home to a tidy room, so other guests know what to expect, and if they don't want it they can ask for privacy?
  5. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    I don't think Randy has been here since beginning of April. He must be hiding :eek:
  6. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Oh. Whoops

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