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Guest won't give keys back!

Discussion in 'Hosts' started by Joejoe20, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Joejoe20

    Joejoe20 New Member

    We rented out our whole house to a shared acquaintances family as they needed somewhere to stay while visiting over the Christmas period. I got a message from my phone to let me know the house alarm was going off so I rang the renter to check if they were ok. It turned out they had snapped the key in the lock (it had never caused a problem before!) and had called an emergency locksmith to give them access.

    They had not contacted me or discussed this with me. It was only when I gave instructions for the deposit of the keys I was told that we needed to discuss the bill!

    Anyway, I arrived at the house but there were no keys, just an invoice for a fairly large fee for the emergency locksmith that they had paid with cash.

    The renter has said they will discuss this in a few days and drop my keys off in the meantime.

    So, not only am I deeply offended by the gall of this (arranging for someone to break and enter into my house without my permission) as they clearly expect me to pay a figure which was more than the reduced fee I was charging them as a Christmas favour!!

    Any advice would be great! Do I pay half, pay all of it, pay none of it or contact the police?

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