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Great alternative to local guidebook

Discussion in 'Hosts' started by wrsanfran, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. wrsanfran

    wrsanfran New Member

    Hi Hosts!

    Longtime Bay Area host here (3+ years).

    I have always provided my guests with a local guide of my favorite places and things to do in the area. Recently, one of my guests showed me Membo which they said they use almost everywhere they go to find the best, most interesting and under the radar places and experiences.

    Membo works by sourcing answers to 'Best of' lists from people in the area, on topics ranging from "best cafe to relax in," "best place to watch the sunset" to "best place to get fresh produce." Check it out below.


    As a host, I have found it to be a great replacement to my traditional guides (plus, my guests seem to like it). I have created my own account and given my answers to each question so that my guests can find my favorite spots as well as see what other hosts and the surrounding community likes. It's actually kinda fun to do and sometimes I use it for my own benefit.

    Anyway, it also provides a list of only the best places that are within walking distance of you, which is another great feature that guests really like.

    Thought this might be of interest to everyone looking to connect their guests with the surrounding community.


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