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first stay not great

Discussion in 'Guests' started by tiredguy, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. tiredguy

    tiredguy New Member

    last night i stayed at my first airbnb. lots of friends have told me how great it is and they don't want to use hotels anymore. i found this place in austin and it has great reviews. the people sounded very nice i was excited to meet them. i arrived and they weren't home but i was able to get in the place nbd. i think i went to sleep before they came home because i didn't hear them. i came to austin for a job interview and am looking to relocate soon. unfortunately my interview was at 8am this morning. the problem happened when i woke up at 2:30am to the neighbors music and talking very loud. this kept me up until sunrise. this wasn't good for my interview. on my way out i finally met the people who lived in the house and they were nice and offered me juice or coffee. i didn't know what to say about the noise. they didn't mention it so maybe they are used to it? i'm quite disappointed in this stay. i know it's not their fault that the neighbors are so loud, but also in someone elses house i didn't know what to do about it. what could i have done?
  2. Carolyn

    Carolyn Member

    Hi Tired Guy, Oh this is NOT good! If hosts have neighbors who are habitually noisy, this should be mentioned in their listing. Maybe it was a one-time problem, but I am surprised that the hosts didn't do anything about it. If I were the host, I would have called the police on my neighbors. I'm sure that in Austin, as here in Los Angeles, the police can usually come out and get people to quiet down when it is so late. I ALSO, as the host, would have said something to you in the morning, just to convey that I sympathize.

    I think it's too bad that the hosts weren't there to meet you when you arrived, but maybe you had that pre-arranged. Did they give you instructions to get in and find things, in case they were not able to be home?
    Well, that's what the hosts should have done, IMO. I don't know what I'd do as a guest! I think that, if it seemed that the hosts were also up at that hour, I would have asked them to talk to the neighbors or call the cops.
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  3. tiredguy

    tiredguy New Member

    hi carolyn, the hosts did text me that they wouldn't be home when i got there. they told me where i would find the key and it wasn't too hard. they must have come home after 10pm beecause that's when i fell asleep. no mention in listing of loud neighbors. maybe they slept through the noise? i hope they did or else you are right they should have said something. if it was my neighbors in charleston i would have called the police no doubt. at one point i thought about texting the people to ask if they could do something about it but i kept thinking it would end and i also didn't know if they were home or not.
  4. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    Hi Tiredguy,

    Carolyn is right of course, your hosts should have either mentioned the noise in the description if this happens often, or if not, they should have called the cops as the usual cut off point for excessive noise (not sure of the time in Austin but it's usually after 10pm), so you got the nights rest you paid for. In the very least, profuse apologies for the neighbors noise - even though they had no direct control over it - were in order, because they should know that a guest has chosen a place to stay hoping for some shut eye.

    A couple of things to note that I have noticed that may have played into your hosts not reacting to the extreme noise levels: in some places it seems more usual for neighbors to make a lot of noise, and people are so accustomed to it, they can't tell it isn't how everyone else lives. Some places like this are Nashville, where there are so many backyard studios and band practice set ups, Brooklyn, where the huge amounts of young party people will spin your head with the disco beats permeating apartment building walls, and quite possibly Austin, that thinks of itself as a bit of a rock and roll Mecca. I've noticed in these places there's more of a live and let live attitude, as the neighbors will party with abandon, which in turn will allow everyone else a go at making an all night racket without comeuppance. It's sort of a youthful code of permissiveness, so that everyone gets to do their thing. It's possible they don't even realize that others may not be cool with it. They might have thought, young guy, he's going to think it's totally normal.

    We personally experienced this, were also shocked there was no mention of the bass booming through the walls late into the night so that the bed we were trying to sleep on was literally pulsing to a sickening beat either in the description or the reviews. It was our first and possibly last airbnb experience. Our reaction was a feeling that we thought we must have been too old or not hip enough for the area. We should probably have been getting ready to go out partying all night long with the rest of the 20-30 yo's, then we wouldn't have noticed the bed shaking at midnight and the boom boom boom. I think we mentioned something to the host afterwards, but only good naturedly. We didn't have a work interview, though.

    I would mention it to them, letting them know that your sleep suffered. They need to know that guests aren't all going to love this.

    As far as the check in, so long as you agreed to it beforehand, it sounds legit. Sometimes the schedules can't always align (although we make it happen to be there because we feel it's important).
  5. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    Wow, that is bad but it is not the fault of your hosts. Neighbor noise is an issue that hosts simply have no control over. I know all about neighbor noise unfortunately. Directly next door to me in close proximity are two rental houses. Right now one is vacant and the other has an elderly couple. So at night all is dead quiet like a morgue! But if you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you I had the neighbors from hell. One had a 90-decibel parrot that made obnoxious wolf whistling noise and the other had a meth head trailer trash who would play drums whenever he felt like it. DRUMS!

    Incredibly I never had a guest complain about either of these two issues that drove me and my neighbors nuts. I did not mention in my listing I had terrible neighbors because a good portion of the time they were gone or the bird was quiet. I just got very very lucky that guests didn't complain!
  6. KonaCoconutz

    KonaCoconutz Active Member

    We talked about this in other threads but I personally would have booked a good old fashioned hotel in this case. No surprises.

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