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Discovering my own neighborhood

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Shirey, May 8, 2015.

  1. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    I wanted to share that I have been inspired by my guests to discover more of my own neighborhood. I have realized I wasn't taking adavantage of my locale. By having all of these people from around the world come and enjoy where I get to call home I have found myself enjoying it more. I find myself walking more to local eateries, I have rediscovered the library and even been doing some yoga. I can attribute all of these changes in my life to feeling the excitement from guests who stay at my home. When they share their experience and appreciation for my neighborhood I find I have a renewed interest in a place I have lived for nearly 15 years.
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  2. Rhonda

    Rhonda Member

    Yoga is great, I have had a few guests come and ask about where to go and I always refer them to my favorite studio down the street. The vibe that they bring into my home is so positive it is uplifting in many ways for me as well. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Shredder

    Shredder Member

    More stretching, breathing, and water is good for everyone.
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  4. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    Right? :)
  5. Abby J

    Abby J Member

    I did Yoga in college, I need to get back into it. This summer!
  6. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    Don't know if it was the forum or the stars that aligned for me but over the weekend I practiced Yoga and I haven't sweat so much in years. I am detoxified!
  7. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    My guests have been inspiring me to want to travel more. I have recently had guests from New Zealand, Dominican Republic, UK, and Germany. The stories of their travels and of their homes have me checking flights for beginning of July.
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  8. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    It's true. We discovered some cafes we hadn't known about, art galleries, and many things in our surrounding area that we hadn't known. When I moved here years ago, I was blown away by the beauty, and I do love to recapture the feeling when I see the same newfound appreciation in guests faces. Thankfully after all this time, I am still genuinely excited about where we live, enough to share in the joy with others.
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  9. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    I read about your music studio in your blog @Sandy. What a cool setup you have! Do you mention that in your listing to attract like minded guests? I find a lot of my guests have similar interests to me and I think they are attracted to my place in part by my profile. It helps to have a connection and shared interest like I'm sure you do when bands come to record with you.
  10. SI MON

    SI MON New Member

    I like to take guests to my local watering hole for a drink or two. Never more then two though! I don't wanna add the complications of being drunk to our interraction. Ok maybe it happened once or twice :cool:

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