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AirBnB web-site and regulations

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Estuarto, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    I am finding something very interesting. As I look more into local regulations I have found that I am able to discover some particulars on the AirBnB web-site for certain cities, but I am only able to find these pages by using Google. If I am logged in to the web-site or viewing it as a guest, there is only the 1 page of "local taxes" here:


    This section says: "In some locations, Airbnb has made agreements with government officials to collect and remit local taxes on your behalf. This doesn’t change which taxes are due, but it does simplify and automate the process for Airbnb reservations. If you have been alerted that your listing is in one of these areas, Airbnb will calculate the tax, charge the guest, and remit the tax on your behalf."

    Where they have listed specifics for these cities where they are collecting the taxes on hosts behalf and remitting them:
    Multnomah County and Portland
    San Francisco, CA USA
    Amsterdam, NL
    San Jose, CA USA
    Chicago, IL USA
    District of Columbia USA
    Malibu, CA USA
    North Carolina USA

    But if I search for "honolulu hawaii airbnb tax" on Google I find this page:

    There are a lot of cities with these pages. Miami, New York, Nashville, and San Diego are just a few I have encountered in my research. Why is there no way to navigate to these pages via the AirBnB site? Shouldn't they be made easily accessible to hosts who are in these markets? Is there somewhere this content is being presented to AirBnB users that I am not seeing but the google crawler finds?
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  2. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    Ok I found a way to find it. It's ridiculous though.

    Help Center > Taxes would make sense

    But I have found it through

    Help Center > Community > Neighbors > How should I talk to my landlord, HOA, or neighbors about Airbnb? > Laws in your city or state > Responsible Hosting Page } Then Scroll down three pages to see the list of city regulations

    Again you cannot access this through the local tax section. Which seems preposterous to me.
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  3. Shirey

    Shirey Member

    San Diego is hard to find. Even now that I have found it I find it very hard to interpret. There are apparently zoning laws and I tried to read through the cities scripture but I couldn't find much pertaining to short-term sublets. I appreciate your diligence Estuarto. I am sure a lot of people could benefit from this knowledge.

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