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A friendly service dog

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Lovelock, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Lovelock

    Lovelock New Member

    I have a no pets policy but last week I got a request from a guest who has a service dog. The guest insisted that his dog was well trained, quiet, and wouldn't be a problem. The guest had favorable reviews including his dog that made me feel comfortable to book them. The guest arrived by car and told me how he spent the day skateboarding, so I think it not a vision problem, but the guests personal issue didn't matter to me. The dog was great, so happy, a golden retriever. The only downside was that the sheets had a good amount of hair on them. Some guests without dogs leave the same problem. All in all it worked out well. I had a good feeling about it and went with it and I'm glad I did!
  2. Rhonda

    Rhonda Member

    It's good to follow your intuition. I love goldens :)
  3. Cody Stillman

    Cody Stillman New Member

    Pets make too much of a mess for me. From what I have read there is no requirement to accept dogs, even if they are service dogs. Correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm of the option to not have any pets.
  4. Sandy

    Sandy Active Member

    I just removed the option to,accept pets after the second time owners that promised house trained pets urinated on my bed. This latest one also left skid marks and feces stains all over as well as muddy paw prints on my white bedding. Others have run right into the house, off lead because the owner didn't bother to control, and squatted right down for a poo. Others yet tried to scratch down my historic wooden doors. There is always hair, but that is the very least of it.

    I am a pet lover that travels with my very well trained pet. I have been more than disgusted with the guests I have hosted that couldn't be bothered taking their dogs out, tow of which even had 'pee pads' down instead - except they didn't use those :(
  5. Abby J

    Abby J Member

    No pets here! Most people that have dogs and cats shouldn't be allowed to have them. They are animals! They don't deserve to be stuck inside all day.
  6. Matt S

    Matt S Active Member

    I don't allow pets either. I love dogs though. I was looking here in West Hollywood at how many listings there are - so many! I put the price under $85 to get less than 1k listing because otherwise it says 1000+ listings. So it showed 815 listings. Then if I put the pets allowed filter on it was only 105. Most people aren't allowing pets. But those that do probably get a good amount of them because it's a lot more limited choosing when you travel with your furry friend.
    Castle Woman likes this.
  7. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

    I'm allergic to cats so I maintain the no pets policy. Adding pets into the equation just adds an extra variable for trouble in my opinion.
  8. KJR

    KJR New Member

    It's my understanding that you can deny anyone with a pet, even a service animal, as long as you don't reply with the reason, as in "Sorry but we don't accept pets." If you deny someone with a service animal, the rejection becomes discriminatory. It is much better and legal to say " Sorry but we are not a good fit. " Don't mention the pet denial, in case their pet is a service animal.
    Castle Woman and Sandy like this.
  9. Castle Woman

    Castle Woman Active Member

  10. Estuarto

    Estuarto Active Member

    This is good advice in general, as Castle Woman mentioned as well. When denying guests, don't bother giving a reason.

    DDSTEELE New Member

    While I can appreciate that pets make a mess... I would advise that Service Dogs/Service Dog handlers are well versed in clean up. While you may charge for damage, just as you would with any guest you are required to admit Service Animals with their handlers. The Service Animal is a Federally protected MEDICAL DEVICE.
    My Service Dog functions as a cane for me(among other things). My spastic muscles and poor vision do not allow me to use a cane or walker safely.

    This blog outlines the law for public establishments, including small bed and breakfast.

    Annienonymous likes this.
  12. Annienonymous

    Annienonymous New Member

    Service dogs are not pets. If you refuse a person because they have a service dog, that is discrimination by disability. To discriminate against a person due to disability (because of their service dog) is against Federal and State law. You might want to read the recent articles by Air BnB about discrimination - although most of the publicity centers around race - disability also fall within that category.
  13. Annienonymous

    Annienonymous New Member

    Just so you are aware there are many people with hidden disabilities who use service dogs to mitigate their disability.
  14. Annienonymous

    Annienonymous New Member

    I would advise against attempting to skirt the law like that - I know many people with service dogs and often they do not mention the dog when they travel (and they do not have to) to book an accommodation, They don't mention the dog because of discrimination they experienced in their travels.
  15. Annienonymous

    Annienonymous New Member

    Denying someone with a service dog (they are NOT pets) is denying ACCESS, It is discrimination by disability and it is EMPHATICALLY against FEDERAL law. Service dogs are well-trained, they are not pets but are instead considered "durable medical equipment"
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